Projects Overview

For over 10 years I have been responsible for the research, development and implementation of some of the world’s most advanced control systems. As a member of the Emerson Process Management group of Emerson Electric, Inc. I have developed several key parts of many advanced control applications such as Tune, PredictPro and InSight.

Before working for Emerson I was involved in several interesting projects which included batch control for experimental digester, fuzzy logic control for PLC and developed full control for photographic printer.

I have also taken journey through interesting and challenging projects on the academic side. As a MSc final project I have designed and developed transportation system model. Later during my PhD years I was researching estimators and observers in application for sensorless induction motor control. Years of research were finalized by implementing fully working sensorless induction motor drive.

My other interests include web development and 3D graphics. I have customized, deployed and maintained online shop using OsCommerce package (HTML/PHP). My web experience also includes this web site which was implemented using Adobe GoLive CS2. I have also created 3D architectural visualizations using ArCon and learned to use other graphics applications such as AUTOCad, Blender, 3DStudio Max.