Process Model Identification and Adaptive Control 2002–present

Background: Adaptive control was one of my most rewarding projects since my responsibilities began with initial research and ended with highly desired released product. Since several companies failed in creating usable adaptive control, challenge to make user friendly technology was even higher. It meant that new technology needs to be developed and implemented in a very user friendly way.

Research: As concept of new technology was born there was need of extensive research. That's where I have started by working closely with author of new process model identification concept on proving theory by creating test bed application and running countless simulations (MATLAB/Simulink). I have actively contributed in modifying algorithm to suit requirements of implementation environment.

Prototypes: When concept and algorithm was proven and adjusted for real life implementation I have created first prototype - application communicating with real process through OPC, running process model identification algorithm on gathered data and based on results adjusting PID controller tuning. As more people got convinced that new technology works (by showing them real life results) I started working on first versions of product. I have implemented DeltaV function block containing algorithm and designed parts of the user interface. I have participated in installing beta product on several customer sites. I was responsible for gathering results and feedback from those sites and based on data analysis improving algorithm. Based on ongoing research and beta customers feedback I have implemented some additional features such as valve diagnostics and loop oscillation detection.

Final Product: As it was proved that identification algorithm works very well and some possibilities of additional features, decision was made to extensively expand application beyond simple process model identification and tuning. Objective was to utilize process knowledge (obtained through process model identification) to greater extent by joining two previous advanced control applications - DeltaV Tune and DeltaV Inspect and adding new capabilities. As a senior member of advanced control group (6 people) I have major influence over design and contributed in implementation of new advanced control suite - DeltaV InSight.