Model Predictive Control and Optimization 1992, 1998, 2002 - present

Background: I was working on this project in many phases for several years as system platform changed, concurrent releases proved customer demand and new features were researched and/or requested. Below are described only selected major tasks I was performing on this project.

Phase I - Proof of concept: As there was only theory developed there was need for proof of concept. I have developed standalone application which included process model simulation, model predictive control and full graphical user interface. Algorithmic part of application included complicated matrix and vector calculations. As MPC requires definition of several step responses describing behavior between each input and output I have developed simple graphical way to do that.

Phase II - Prototype and final product: Concept have been proved and work started on final product. At this time Fisher-Rosemount Systems developed new control platform called DeltaV for which there was need for real prototype as designs for old platform became obsolete. The goal was to run MPC control in the controller (embedded device based on Motorola 68000 series/pSOS) and create configuration and runtime operation application on PC/Windows NT based workstation. I have created MPC function block (control strategy building piece running in the controller) which included runtime control algorithms. To easily test MPC I have also created process model simulation function block. There was no suitable visualization and configuration tools in the system to setup and operate MPC block, so I have also implemented supervisory application with custom real-time trending. Configuration and runtime operation access to block was realized using OPC (OLE for Process Control). As MPC and simulation function block proved to be working properly and reliably, executed within time constraints (real-time system) and was developed according to system requirements, prototype became a part of product called DeltaV Predict. Since one of the several main features of DeltaV system was ease of use it was decided to significantly expand user interface beyond prototype scope. I was responsible for parts of user interface where I have designed and implemented innovative operator data presentation.

Phase III - expansion of major features: As demand for Predict grew it was decided to develop next generation of MPC product called PredictPro. I was assigned to develop main new feature - LP real-time optimizer. First step required proof of concept which I have implemented as a stand alone prototype executing all required algorithms. After that I have integrated algorithms into new MPC function block and developed user interface to interact with optimizer.